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Live @ Webster


Expression. Beauty. Passion.

How many of us have been driving and done a double take at a mural?

How often are you mesmerized by a new piece of music?

Have you thought to yourself, "I'd love to go back and learn an instrument?"


These are the feelings we wanted to tap into when we looked for amazing organizations to partner with us in this space. We are excited to see how these amazing organizations improve the quality of life for our neighborhood. 

The Art Experience proves over and over that art is for everyone-- all ages, all abilities. They offer programs for artists with special needs, art therapy for those who have had strokes, and arts opportunities and classes for the public at large. 

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Accent Pontiac has been providing music programming for Pontiac students since 2016. Students begin with learning percussion in Accent's popular Bucket Band. From there students go on to specialize in different instruments often writing and performing their own compositions. 


Pontiac Theatre IV is an independent community theatre group presenting live theatre to Pontiac and Oakland County since 1969. Theatre IV presents four or five shows per season including a musical, a straight show, a children’s show and a musical review. The 2019-20 Season shows include, the hilarious horror spoof Curse of the Werewolf; the family favorite Anne of Avonlea; our children’s show Disney’s The Lion King, Jr, a Musical Review performed by our teenage members; and one of the all time classics of the dramatic stage, William Shakespeare’s Macbeth

We are excited to have Pontiac Theatre IV calling Webster their longterm home. 




 @ Webster

First Friday Arts Market

Musical Performances

University Theatre Performances

Recording Studio

Art exhibits from area artists

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