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Health and Wellness

Key Stats

  • Webster Community Center sits 1.5 miles from the nearest grocery store.

  • 30% of our neighbors do not have reliable transportation.

  • Twice as many Pontiac residents, per capita have diabetes than the national average.

  • 25% of our neighbors have a difficult time getting to a doctor.


When we surveyed our neighbors about the things they want for our community center, we heard over and over themes of food (access to groceries, fresh produce, a farm market), physical activity (walking groups, open gym, youth sports), and health (classes, yoga, a walk-in clinic). We collected these and put them under the heading of health and wellness. 

Health and Wellness is a core-value for our building and our tenants reflect it. Please take time to know a little more about what we're bringing to this building.


Healthy Food.

Sprout Fresh Food Store has been selling fresh produce from around Oakland County in Pontiac since 2017. Sprout will be taking one classroom complete with produce prep space. 



Honor Community Health serves as a community-based healthcare provider in Pontiac. They already run a network of clinics around the city, taking care of many of our neighbors. 


Physical Activity.

Oakland County Police Athletic League has really filled the void left by closing community centers, recreation centers, and youth activities in the city. They do this by partnering with churches and community organizations to host organized sports and pop-up activities all over the city. 

Other Exciting Activities

  • Webster Food Hub

  • Open Gym Time

  • Indoor Weekend Farm Market

  • Cooking with Kids

  • Adult Walking Club

  • Healthy Cooking Classes

  • Community Gardens

  • Outdoor Play Structure

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